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Software Solutions

µRoWin by Roth

µRoWin a is tool, that generates machine code from your optimized laminat lay up - using even the same data as µChain. That way you ensure to produce exactly what you calculated on your winding machine.

The idea of µRoWin

Software solutions for composite applications

Our vision is to bring manufacturing and simulation onto one data base and thus generate a much more realistic digital twin of the winded part.

  • reduces development time
  • easy set-up of material and composite and liner
  • real-time feedback on design changes
  • optimized analytical and numerical calculation methods
  • automated model export of very complex finite element models for commercial FEM-solvers

More realistic models

  • improved quality of the simulation and less expensive testing
  • winding simulation to calculate the exact fiber placement on the surface of the component
  • optimized algorithms to calculate very accurate material properties based on the manufacturing simulation
  • optimized algorithms to evaluate the strength in very placed band in the part


  • fully automated calculations using the integrated Python-API

Shorten your development time while improving the performance of your winding parts!

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