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Services for lightweight design and composites

A smart choice of material, an elaborate design and an accurate construction of the components up to manufacturing and testing of prototypes form our portfolio.

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Preliminary design and studies

Preliminary design

Considering the questions of realizability, costs and easy ways of implementation in the early state of your product idea saves enormous time and money.

We are the experts to support you and your project in advanced composites. With mefex as your reliable partner, we reach the goals and bring your products and ideas to the next level.

  • consulting service for composite projects
  • preliminary design and estimation of the advantages (analysis of the potential) and the specific characteristic of the material using composites
  • choosing of fiber and resin and its consideration in design of the component
  • design of shape for your component

Development and design in detail using composite materials

Component design

Using our knowledge in designing, manufacturing, and testing of composite components from the first feasibility study and the evaluation of ideas up to a real, tested prototype we accompany you through the whole process of development to achieve your goals on the best way possible.

  • detailed design and optimization (numerical and analytic, nonlinear material behaviour, complex failure)
  • material testing including the manufacturing of the specimen
  • conversion of material data for finite-element-analysis (fiber volume fraction, non-linearity, failure criteria, etc...)
  • development of User-Materials for more realistic finite-element calculations (specific failure mechanisms e.g. following VDI 2014)
  • designing of the required load transmissions
  • prototypes and validation of components
  • advisory and testing service for fatigue material behaviour

Evaluation and optimization of components made of composites

Evaluation of components

To optimize components and designs or to evaluate failure, we are using the potential of simulations and combine it with the comprehensive possibilities in our production level technical site:

  • detailed FEA simulations considering non-linear material behaviour and complex failure modes
  • comparison of test and calculation results
  • evaluation of failure
  • microscopical investigation on layer scale and on fiber scale for quality revision
  • prototyping and validation of the components using leading-edge measuring and testing equipment at our testing site
  • optimization and detailed simulation of load transmissions
  • evaluation of the fiber volume fraction and void content (thermal extraction and optical analyses)
  • component testing
  • measurements in your testing field and directly applied to the components

Technical development laboratory

Testing laboratory

Our in-house technical development laboratory contains equipment for metal and wood processing as a full-featured composite laboratory. Our testing and manufacturing processes are as specific as your challenge formulations!

  • manufacturing of specimen using the future production process as hand-lay-up, winding, wet pressing, resin transfer molding, etc.

  • material characterization of the unidirectional layer (UD) as the important base for designing and calculating the composite structure

  • testing with standard test methods and individual in-house developed tests for winded components

  • coordinated test strategy for quasi-static tests, fatigue tests, custom-made products and force application

  • material cards for finite-element-studies

  • prototypes as practical feasibility studies using demonstrators or small series

  • process development for the creation of new processes for component production

  • component evaluation for a detailed view of your product (pyrolysis, microscopy, fiber counting, porosity determination, layer thickness determination, etc.)

  • application of measurement technology and measurements in our test facilities or in the field

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