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Because of the well-established and cost-effective filament winding process axis-symmetric tubes or vessels made of RFP are widely used. μTube gives the user the possibility to calculate even very thick components very easily and accurately (full 3D stress state). The analytical exact solver can be used to calculate the burst pressure in the cylindrical part of pressure vessels including degradation effects. Also, the composite design of drive shafts or rotors made of RFP can be optimized very easily.

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  • easy import of composite designs built in the μDesigner
  • layers can be calculated as a balanced angle ply often used in winded parts
  • layered exact calculation of the 3D stress state in the tube
  • axis-symmetric loads can be entered
  • linear calculation of strains and stresses in fiber direction
  • Visualization of Puck's fracture criteria (FF, IFF)
  • Nonlinear calculation including degradation effects
  • Optimized algorithms to combine the solver with optimizations
  • Export calculation results in CSV format

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