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μWind is the most advanced software tool for the design and optimization of your winded pressure vessel. It uses highly optimized algorithms to run a real-time manufacturing simulation which is the basis for a much more realistic calculation of the vessel behaviour under different loads. Core component of the tool is the winding simulation which calculates the exact overlapping pattern of all bands in all layers.

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With the information of all fiber directions and placed fiber mass optimized algorithms can calculate the stiffness distribution in the dome section much more precisely.

In addition to predicting vessel failure much more accurately, µWind has been developed to significantly shorten the deployment process. With optimized calculation methods, we can give the user direct feedback on whether changes to the vessel design have a positive or negative effect. The calculation of 100s of vessels can be done in minutes.

  • Find the first working design in minutes!

  • easy import of composite designs build in the μDesigner including all winding parameters

  • Real-time manufacturing simulation to get direct feedback of design changes

  • Interactive visualization of the layers and properties

  • Consideration of all overlapping bands and the exact fiber mass placed on the surface

  • material usage and cost estimation of new designs

  • very accurate calculation of the burst pressure in the cylindrical section including degradation effects

  • integrated optimized numerical shell model to get real-time visualization of the deformation under inner pressure

  • highly detailed models of the vessel based on the winding simulation results can be built in Abaqus - more solvers will follow

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